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About us

Stepin Adventure is inspired by the idea that Adventure requires one to step up to something new or challenging and step into a mind frame ready for Exhilaration, Excitement, and some Exhaustion, all part, and parcel of Adventure. This could include a hike up a hill, a path-breaking expedition, or camping in your backyard just for kicks. It’s a road less traveled or a route unknown away from a staid and sedentary life, demanding you Step-in Adventure!

We are offering gear, assistance, and a lot of free heartfelt expert advice to tackle your forthcoming Adventure. Stepin Adventure Gear Store in Pune houses the ways, the means, and the method to your next big break as an Adrenaline Junkie, Rock-hard Rock climber, Leisurely Nomad, Ace mountaineer, Badass Biker, or even Corporate Honcho.

With the highest quality gear from leading international and a select few local brands in Adventure Gear, we would have you kitted out, suitably linked up with people we know in the business, and better informed for your Adventure. So Just Step In!

We also have long-standing experience with organizing Treks, Mountaineering Expeditions, and a niche understanding of Outbound Training Programs, and Team Building Activities for adventure enthusiasts and Corporates across India.

Meet The Team -

Shripad Sapkal, Founder

Shripad is essentially one of the toughest experienced mountaineers and rock climbers you are likely to meet to provide informative insights on your everyday hill routes (climbing Tekdi) as seriously as your expedition to Everest. His 27+ years of experience is certified by the Basic, Advanced, Search and Rescue, Method of Instruction, Liaison Officer, Alpine Climbing, Trek Leader’s Course (Teach the Trainers) Courses all from the prestigious Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi. A Certified National Judge for Sports Climbing from Indian Mountaineering Foundation. Not to mention a Basic Skiing Course and a Disaster Management Course!

Having climbed some of the most interesting and dangerous mountains in the world, Shripad was awarded ‘Best Mountaineer’ in 2005 by Girimitra Sammellan. He was selected for an International Climbing Camp held in the UK and holds a record of First Ascent for 3 peaks in India.

As an insider to the world of Adventure and a storehouse of information on gear and locations to use it, he is central to your experience at Stepin Adventure.

Prajakta Arun Ghode -Head Operations

Prajakta is notorious for hiding a tough outdoors persona under her waiflike girl-next-door exterior. This petite youngster is enthusiastic and a well-known face in the Sahyadri Mountains of Maharashtra rock climbing scene - having summited all 4 Walls of Tailbaila, as also Lingana (Ht. 1200 ft.), Thumbs up (Ht. 150 ft.) and Kalakrai (Ht. 180 ft.). As Prajakta’s core passion remains Mountaineering, she has completed Basic, and Advance Course, Search and Rescue Courses in Mountaineering from the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering Uttarkashi. A Certified National Judge for Sports Climbing from Indian Mountaineering Foundation. A dynamic multi-tasker- she has played a key role in the evolution of Stepin Adventure and now acts as the Operations Head. This budding adventure expert while not only leading professional outdoors workshops and adventure events with Stepin Adventure also contributes to business development, sales, and accounting. Prajakta is essentially a people- person and your experience in the outdoors with her would definitely be exhilarating. Her overall experience in the outdoors is more than 11 years.

Shekhar Ghorpade, Consultant

A psychology graduate who enjoys outdoor adventures. A UIAA certified champ who has been teaching and guiding people through exciting Outbound training and Adventure Programs for more than a decade.

Completed phase 1 training from Aastha, a behavioral training institute, and provides consultancy to Stepin Adventure as a technical adviser for conducting Climbing Courses, Program Coordinator on Outbound Corporate Training Programs, and Adventure Camps for Schools & colleges.

Vinay Patankar, Head Sales

MBA(Marketing & Finance, Full Time) with 15+ years of value added experience in Sales (FMCG & Telecom) and Channel Sales & Logistics Management in MNCs like Pepsico International, Hindustan Unilever, Vodafone Essar, Aditya Birla Group, Reliance Communications & SSK Group.

Enthusiastic Sales Manager eager to contribute to team’s success through hard work, attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. Ability for thorough understanding of sales operations and products and services offered by the organisation enables me to achieve the desired results. Motivated to learn, grow and excel in the role offered.

Developing and implementing sales strategies, establishing sales goals and quotas, analyzing sales data and metrics, identifying areas for improvement, and coaching and training sales team members.

Yuvraj Sable, Head-Accounts

Yuvaraj is a highly motivated Accounting professional looking to help us in meeting our financial goals. A certified public accountant with 10+ more years of experience in ledger processes accounts reconciliations & taxation. He also possesses comprehensive knowledge of database software and strong oral communication in all languages.

Pradnya Aboti, Digital Marketing Executive

AI driven Digital marketer with deep interest in psychology and an aspiring psychologist. Apart from professional pursuits, passionate about understanding how any business operates.

Recognizes the potential of AI in revolutionizing the marketing industry. Hence actively explore AI-powered solutions to boost conversion rates.

Thrive on crafting effective strategies and leveraging the power of digital landscape to drive results. Well versed in latest trends, platforms and techniques, constantly refining skills to create impactful campaigns that resonate with target audience.

"Meet the Team"

We are super-friendly humans who work hard for our clients. We’ve been known to be a little scrappy from time to time, flexible and adaptable most of the time—and all-around darn good humans. At work, we are purposeful, and responsible, and think about the whole box, inside & out—most question if there is even a box because none of us live in it. We're different in a good way.

Stepin Adventure Store Team

Vaibhav, Rahul & Aakash possess a special DNA of unique values that certify them to deliver best-in-class service and are enthusiastic hard workers. They are ambitious professionals. Helping the reception desk, or any other administrative assistants in performing their duties. Collecting and distributing couriers or parcels. Coordination is the key of this team when it comes to office staff, maintaining proper interaction and a friendly environment with the clients.

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